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Sanwaliya Seth temple is a grand temple in Rajasthan dedicated to Lord Krishna. continue reading Sanwariya ji temple bhadsora, history, story, timing, live darshan, Images - Rajasthan Tourism.

Shri Sanwariya Seth Ji Temple

Chittorgarh to sanwariya seth temple distance - chittorgarh to sanwariya seth temple distance, Sanwalia Seth temple is located in Mandaphia town in Chittorgarh district in the Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at a distance of 340 km from state capital city of Jaipur & 40 km from district headquarter city of Chittorgarh. Nearest railway station to Sanwaliya Seth temple is located at a distance of 42 km. Sanwaliya Seth temple is a grand temple in Rajasthan dedicated to Lord Krishna; the main deity is an idol of black stone of Lord Krishna.


Sanwariya Seth Temple history and Story - Legends suggest that in 1840 a milk named as Bholaram Gurjar was directed about the where beings of deities by Lord Krishna in a dream; on digging out the site as directed in dream 3 idols of Lord Krishna was discovered. All these 3 idols were taken out & 3 respectively at Mandaphia, Bhadosa & Chapar (the place where idols were dug out). Among these 3 temples, Mandaphia Temple is recognized as the Sanwalia Ji Dham (abode). Thousands of devotees land in Sanwalia Seth temple every day; this number increases many folds during the festivals like Holi, Krishan Janamashtami, etc.

Sanwalia Seth literally means Dark complex rich; Lord Krishna is worshipped as the rich in Sanwalia Seth Temple. It is believed that devotees who visit Snawalia Seth temple don’t face financial hardships in life. A large amount of donation is received in Sanwalia Seth temple because it is a common trait in the region to consider Sanwalia Seth Ji as their partner in income; hence, in order to present Seth ji’s share people donate generously.

sanwariya seth temple visit

Sanwariya seth live darshan and timing -  5:30 in morning to 11 o'clock in Night. In noon 12 o'clock to 2:30 temple is close.  for live darshan visit the Sanwariya Sanwariya ji temple, rent a car for visit the sanwariya seth temple bhadsora, Rajasthan, India. continue reading places to visit in udaipur

A committee was formed by people of 16 nearby villages in 1957 to manage the temple; this committee was functioning till 1991 when the government decided to take management in its own hand. Now Sanwalia Seth Ji temple is managed by Sanwalia Seth Mandir Mandal under the strict supervision of the government.

Jaipur to sanwariya seth temple distance  and map: track the map to know the route. 

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