Mukundra Tiger Reserve – Mukundra Hills (Darah) National Park

Mukundra-hill-Tiger-Reserve-Kota-Rajasthan Mukundra Tiger Reserve - Mukundra Hills (Darah) National Park

 Mukundra Tiger Reserve is also known as Mukundra Hills National Park. Best time to visit, entrance fee, timings. To know about the Nationa parks in Rajasthan, here is the list of the Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan.

Mukunda Hills Tiger Reserve Wiki


Mukundra Hill Tiger Reserve is located in the Kota region of the Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at distance of 300 km from state capital city of Jaipur. It was the hunting lodge for the kings of Kota princely state. Mukundra Tiger reserve came into existence in 2012 after the government announced to make it a tiger reserve. At present Ranthambore National Park & Sariska National Park are places where tigers are living in their natural habitat. This tiger reserve in Chambal river region encompasses 3 national parks namely Chambal, Jawahar Sagar & Darrah; Mukundra Tiger Reserve is spread over an area of 250 km2; which is supposed to be increased to nearly 750 km2. There are many tourist attractions nearby to Mukundra Tiger Reserve, some of them are namely Bhainsrogarh Fort, Gagron Fort, Chandkheri, Sorsan Grassland.

Reaching here is easy as it is located at a distance of 50 Km from Kota city center; Kota is a very well connected city of Indian state Rajasthan, after reaching Kota there is the option of taxis & public transport to reach Mukundra Tiger Reserve.

Mukundra Hill Tiger Reserve Kota

The government has decided to develop this tiger reserve on the model of iconic Ranthambore National Park & Sariska National Park which ensures the success of this tiger reserve. After successfully relocating the tigers in Sariska National Park moral of state government are on new heights which ensure the successful relocation of tigers in Mukundra Tiger Reserve. Ranthambore National Park is home for nearly 50 big cats which make it very populous in terms of density, hence this Mukundra tiger reserve will be acting as the aide to Ranthambore National Park & Sariska National Park. Nearly 5 tigers are supposed to relocate to Mukundra Tiger Reserve this year; these tigers will be relocated using the same model which was earlier used in Sariska National Park.

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve Map

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