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Rajasthan, India is very colorful and beautiful country for travel. I start with a landing at Jaipur airport. Before that, we were given a form to fill out (name, address and place of visit). Later, I inquired for some formality. It is applicable for anyone coming to India. I am lucky to stay at the inhabitant to better understand the Indian life. So today I share my Travel Dariry and Tour Experince with Rajasthan City Day Tour.

Then I asked the tour operator to go to Rishikesh to take a bath in the Ganges. Then, I take the night train (sleeping wagon). Departure on April 15 at 9:30 pm. Check the suitcases before entering the station, then direction the docks. Travelers waiting for their train sleep on the floor, sometimes on fabrics. The people we meet always have a benevolent look. The train enters in the station: diesel locomotive, beautiful bunks with sheets, blankets, cushions and towels, air conditioning and fan. We are 3 in the compartment, including the Indian friend and a member of his family. The trip is really comfortable for me. During walk, a sandwich, tea or coffee service is offered. Arrival at Haridwar station around 9:00 am and look for a taxi to Rishikesh. Be carefull, if you are an unaccompanied stranger, prices can quickly flare up. Then I want to sleep in an ashram, but everything was complete. Arriving at the hotel, we drop off our luggage and head towards the Ganges, this sacred river emerald with a strong current. Before coming into direct contact with the river, one must salute inwardly. The contact with the water is at first cool because the outside temperature is 34 °; there are chains to restrain because the current is strong. It is said that one must immerse himself to the head at least 3 times. I do not hide from you that I drank a few sips of this pure water.

I stay approx 30 minutes in this water in communion with the river. In the evening, we participate in the puja, prayer and singing on the banks of the Ganges. Ritual of purification by fire by passing candelabra. Songs, music, and at the end, each one will mark his forehead with the ash. At night, after the puja, we decide to plunge into the water and it's magical: the stars, the moon and fireworks celebrating a wedding. What a peace and joy. I enjoy here alot.

Then in next morning, I see a woman in a sari feeding the Ganges with a chapati cake which she breaks, dips into a bowl of lentils and deposits with deep respect and delicacy in the water. At the end of the ritual, she takes, in her basket, a small jug with which she takes water, salutes and goes away. I did not want to take a picture because I want's to respect the sacredness of this act. I understand that this pure gesture aims to thank the river for the benefits it provides, water being an important element for our balance.

Then direction Prayag or Allahabad, about 50 km of road in laces. I take a few poses of photos, and we arrived at destination. In the direction of the Ganges, where the two currents are mixed, ying and yang. The green color is beautiful. I notice that the river, apparently calm and smooth on the surface, stirs like a torrent. I greet before entering the water, people are watching so that we stay on the edge because the current can take you. One of the priests present gives us a leap so that we can sprinkle ourselves, we fill bottles, then we receive the blessing of the priest. Departure by car to Haridwar.

Now we arriving in Haridwar, we wait for our bus to Jaipur. We start and I notice that we take the opposite direction. It was just to refuel. Indian driving is different from ours: we concentrate on the front and not the rear, we drive with the headlights, we horn to twist, to double, to advance, but I must say that it works.

In the family where I live, care is taken of me. I eat vegan and that suits me. One speaks French (two members) and the others speak English and Hindi. Family is essential for them. Once married, the wife will live in the house of her husband's family.