Top 12 Things To Do In Jaipur – Activities Tour In Jaipur

Things To Do In Jaipur – Activities Tour In Jaipur


Offbeat and Adventure Things To Do In Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of Indian state of Rajasthan, it is also known as the Pink city; because of the symmetrical buildings of pink color in the city. It is located at a distance of 250 km from New Delhi national capital; very well connected via Air, Road & Train. The shade of pink color here is slightly different from traditional pink, in local language this color is referred as “hirmachh”. Jaipur is the most celebrated tourist destination in Rajasthan. Being a city of a perfect blend of modern & historical architecture & culture there are many things-to-do in Jaipur; some of them are listed below:

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Water Parks : There are a number of amusement and water parks in Jaipur. Some of the best known water theme parks in Jaipur are Pink Pearl, Fun Gaon, Angel Resort, Appu Ghar etc. If you are looking to enjoy a day away from the hustle bustle of the city, you must definitely plan a visit to one of these water parks.

Shoppping Markets: Jaipur, the pink city is known for its culture and heritage. Hence, it attracts visitors from all round the globe. A visit to this incredible place is incomplete if you do not visit the shopping markets in Jaipur. Jaipur is known to be an important centre for arts and handicrafts and is also the largest manufacturer of hand-knotted rugs.

Amber Fort: Amber Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site is standing on a hilltop in Aravali mountain range nearly 11 km from Jaipur city center. Amber Fort was built by Meena Kings later it was won by Raja Dulhe Rao; Amber fort which is witnessed today was built by Raja Man Singh I which was further expanded by Raja Jai Singh I. It is probably the only place in Rajasthan where elephant ride can be done. Climbing to Amber Fort on the back of an elephant is the best thing any tourist can experience in Rajasthan. The views are breathtaking from the top of this giant creature. Once only royals & noblemen were allowed to ride an elephant in Rajasthan. So, just pack the bags & get ready to experience the best in the royal land of Rajasthan in a really royal way. Light & sound show at Amber Palace is another activity which is adorable; on the evening a light & sound show is conducted here which educates about the history of this beautiful palace & Kachwah Rajput dynasty.

Jal Mahal: Jal Mahal also known as Water Palace is a hunting lodge in between the Maan Sagar Lake, 5 Km from the city center. It was built by King Sawai Madho Singh; this 300 years old palace was adobe of royals during summertime, giving relief from hot summers of Rajasthan. Walking on the banks of Maan Sagar Lake is the best thing to do during sunrise. The view of the sunrise is unmatched from here; it has been observed over a period of time that beauty of Jalmahal is at its best at sunrise. However, since last few years, the lighting at Jalmahal in the evening increases the beauty of this unique palace many folds & it becomes inevitable for tourists to ignore this gem.

City Palace: City Palace was built in the center of the walled city of Jaipur- the new capital city of Kachwah Dynasty of Amber located nearly 10 Km from Amber Fort. There are many gates & complexes in premises of City Palace. It was built from 1729 to 1732 by Sawai Jai Singh II (King of Amber). City Palace became the residential house of Royal family of Amber after the establishment of Jaipur city. Museum in City Palace is a must visit place in Jaipur.

Jantar Mantar Observatory: Jantar Mantar is an observatory established by great scholar & King Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734. This observatory is a UNESCO world heritage site; there are giant astronomical instruments designed according to ancient Indian texts. Testing the accuracy of these instruments is real fun. Instruments here are capable of calculating the eclipses, tracking stars & calculation of time. An entertaining cum informative light & sound show id organized here; this show helps tourists to understand the working & history of the instruments presents here.

Jaigarh Fort: Jaigarh fort is referred as the military fort of Kachwah Rajput dynasty. It was built by King Sawai Jai Singh II in 1726 with the motive to secure Amber & Jaipur city from the rivals. Jaigarh Fort is the home of the world’s largest cannon on wheel “Jaivaan”. A ride to this fort located on the hilltop is considered as the best way to spend a day. Embracing the beauty of Jaipur city from this hilltop fort takes people to another level of tranquility.

Nahargarh Fort: Nahargarh Fort is situated near to the Jaigarh Fort; Nahargarh literally means “Adobe of tigers”. This fort was built by King Sawai Jai Singh II in order to strengthen the military power of Kachwah dynasty; the main purpose of building this fort was to develop some center to retreat when under attack. The construction of this fort was never completed; it is believed that this happened because of a curse from some holy man known as Nahar Singh, inside the fort, there is a small shrine dedicated to him. Nahargarh Fort is considered as the best point to capture the beauty of Jaipur city as nearly whole old city area can be seen from here.

Galta Temple: Galta Temple often referred as the monkey temple because of the huge population of monkeys nearby the temple, it is located at a distance of 10 km from Jaipur city center. This temple is surrounded by Aravali hills from all sides making it a perfect place to meditate, because of this specialty of location Pyohari Maharaj found this place suitable for his spiritual meditation goals. It is believed that miraculous saint known as Rishi Galav stayed here & did penance. Beautiful structures, freshwater springs, temples & mesmerizing views are USP of this unique temple.

Elephant Village - Unique Things To Do In Jaipur: Jaipur is the only place where one can see a thing like a village dedicated to elephants. Many elephants live in this village with their owners, proper facilities for elephants are assured, so these animals do not face any difficulties. Tourists can visit this place & explore the day-to-day life of authentic Rajasthan village & elephants.

Rajasthani cuisine: Visiting Rajasthan & not exploring the lavish local cuisine will be an injustice to the holidays. Jaipur has a reputation of the best cuisine in all of Rajasthan. There is a number of places which carries the distinct taste & reputation; some of the places must be explored to satisfy the tasting buds are as follows:

  • Niros restaurant at MI road for authentic Rajasthani delicacy Lal Maas
  • Lassiwala just opposite to Niros Restaurant lip smacking lassi
  • Kachori at Samrat’s @ chaura rasta & Rawat’s @ Polovictory Station
  • Kulfi @ pandit kulfi near Wind Palace
  • Ghevar & Finni @ LMB Hotel in Johari Bazar
  • Full Rajasthani Platter encountering the authentic Rajasthani lifestyle & folk music @ Chokhi Dhani resort on Tonk Highway in Jaipur

Bicycle Tour - Adventures Things To Do In Jaipur: IN recent years there are a couple of organizations which are arranging bicycle tour of the city for tourists. This enables tourists to embrace the beauty of this historical city. Generally, these tours are organized in early hours of the morning which makes an encounter of tourists with the life of locals & virgin beauty of city without any hustle bustle of the day.

Hot air balloon: Jaipur is among those very few destinations where hot air balloon ride is available. Indulging in this activity makes tourists able to view the beauty of grand monuments & architecture of city from bird view angle; this is a unique experience in itself.

Polo - Off Beat Things To Do In Jaipur: When someone in Jaipur, it becomes possible for them to not thinking of royalty & Polo is famous for its royal engagements in the world of sports. Jaipur is a very well known name in the game of Polo. Watching a game of polo in local polo club is an extraordinary experience in itself.


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