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Pandupol hanuman temple Sariska Alwar Rajasthan - Read more about Pandupol waterfall,  hanuman temple timing, Photos, History. 

Pandupol hanuman mandir history sariska
Pandupol Hanuman Temple Sariska Alwar

Pandupole Hanuman temple is located in Sariska National Park; Sariska National Park is a tiger reserve in the Alwar district of Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at a distance of 110 Km from state capital city of Jaipur & 200 km from national capital city of New Delhi. It is well connected to both Jaipur & New Delhi via road, nearest railway station is located in Alwar city which is 36 Km from Sariska National Park.

Pandupole Hanuman temple is a very important pilgrimage site in the national park; it is believed that this temple is the place which Pandavas used for retreat during their exile period. The religious significance of this temple is very high in the Indian state of Rajasthan; hence a large number of tourists & pilgrims visit this temple.


Pandupol hanuman mandir history and Story

According to Mahabharata Pandavas during their exile lived here for some period of time; it is believed that Bheem (Strongest among Pandavas) hit the mountain to make the way; since the way was made by Pandavas the place got the name Pandupole which literally means “Gate of Pandavas”. One narration in Mahabharata suggests that it is the very same place where Lord Hanuman destroyed the proud Bheem of being strongest in all worlds. Since that incident a temple was constructed here dedicated to Lord Hanuman; to the level of amazement the main deity is an idol of Lord Hanuman which is in sleeping position which is a very exclusive posture as most of the temples have the idols of Lord Hanuman in either standing or sitting posture.

Pandupol hanuman mandir timings - The age of temple is unknown but it is believed to be very old; on every Tuesday & Saturday a large number of devotees reach at Pandupole temple as Tuseday & Saturday are days which are dedicated to Lord Hanuman in Hindu mythology. Because of its miraculous deity & rich mythological importance Pandupole Temple is among the most celebrated temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman in Rajasthan; the devotees of this temple are not only from just Rajasthan but across India.

Pandupol waterfall images: In Mansoon there many naturally waterfall created that is popular among the visitors. At that time lost of people visited pandupol.

Pandupol waterfall images

How to reach and Map: From Jaipur to sariska  it will take around 2 hrs to reach there. here is the map, track the path.

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