List of Royal Palaces To Visit In Rajasthan


Palaces In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well known for its spectacular forts and palaces like Lake Palace, Umaid Bhawan, Hawa Mahal, Badal Mahal, Amber Mahal, Bhanwar Vilas Palace, etc. Some of these places are converted into royal heritage hotels of Rajasthan and some of these are royal residence of royal family. These heritage hotels offer you a royal experience and a touch of Rajasthani culture, royalty, and traditions. Rajasthan is one of the main tourist attractions in India for its palaces, forts, Great Thar Desert, luxury trains Palace on wheels, spiritual Places, Museums, Lakes, Wildlife, etc.

Alwar-City-Palace-AlwarAlwar City Palace, Alwar: - Alwar City Palace was built by Raja Baktawar Singh in 1793 AD. It is an amazing example of Rajputana and Islamic styles of architecture. The main point of attraction in this palace is a graceful marble pavilion set on lotus flower bases in the central courtyard.


Amber Palace, Jaipur: - Amber Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Jaipur. This palace was the bastion of the Kachwahas of Amber. It attracts lots of visitors every year.

Badal-Mahal-DungarpurBadal Mahal, Dungarpur: - Badal Mahal was built by using Pareva stone. It is one of the spending palaces of Dungarpur. This palace is located on the banks of Gaib Sagar Lake. This palace is known for its elaborate design and fusion of the architectural styles of the Rajputs and the Mughals.

Bhainsrorgarh-Fort-ChittorgarhBhainsrorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh: - This palace is surrounded by the Chambal and Brahmani rivers. This fort was built by Rawat Lal Singh II of Rawat Kesari Singh of Salumber. This fort was granted to Lalsingh as Jangeer by Maharana Jagat Singh II of Mewar in 1741 AD.

Bhanwar-Vilas-Palace-KarauliBhanwar Vilas Palace, Karauli: - This Palace is a royal residence of Maharajas in Karauli. This palace was built by Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deobahadur in 1938. Now this palace is partially converted into a heritage hotel.

City-Palace-KarauliCity Palace, Karauli: - City Palace of Karauli was built in 14th century by Arjun Pal. This palace is a perfect example of colonial architecture, stone carvings, latticework windows and magnificent royal style of framework and frescoes.

City-Palace-DholpurCity Palace, Dholpur: - City Palace of Dholpur is also known as Dholpur Palace. This palace is blended with ancient heritage and elegant architecture. This palace was built by the red sandstone which is described the history.

City-Palace-JaipurCity Palace, Jaipur: - City Palace of Jaipur was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur. This palace is now the home of last ruling royal family and an example of Mughal and Rajput architecture.

Dholpur-Palace-BharatpurDholpur Palace, Bharatpur: - This palace belongs to the Rajputana Kingdom. This palace is very popular in the whole country for its quarried sandstone. This red stone is used to built forts and palaces for protection.

Fateh-Prakash-Palace-ChittorgarhFateh Prakash Palace, Chittorgarh: - This fort was built by Maharana Fateh Singh and functioned as his residence. This palace is built in Rajput style architecture as a declaration of his taste for art and culture.

Gajner-Palace-and-Lake-BikanerGajner Palace & Lake, Bikaner: - This palace is an incomparable jewel of Thar. This palace was built by Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji in 1784 and then completed by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner. This palace is situated on the banks of the lake.

Jag-Mandir-UdaipurJag Mandir, Udaipur: - This palace is built on an island of Lake Pichola. This lake is also known as Lake Garden palace. Construction of this palace is started in 1620 and ends on 1652. This palace is used by the royal family as its summer resort.

Jagmandir-Palace-KotaJagmandir Palace, Kota: - This palace was built by one of the queens of Kota between 1743 and 1745. This fort is situated in the middle of the Kishore Sagar lake. This palace by red sandstone. This palace is open for tourists.

Jal-Mahal-JaipurJal Mahal, Jaipur: - Jal Mahal of Jaipur is one of the main tourist attraction of Jaipur which is also known as lake palace. This palace is situated in the center of Man Sagar lake.

Juna-Mahal-DungarpurJuna Mahal, Dungarpur: - Juna Mahal is a 13th century seven storeyed edifice. This palace is built on a high platform which is constructed from pareva stone. It is also known as an old palace, which is situated in Dungarpur.

Kanhaiyalal-Bagla-Haveli-ShekhawatiKanhaiyalal Bagla Haveli, Shekhawati: - Kanhaiyalal Bagla Haveli is a beautiful structure which is situated in the south of the main bazaar of Shekhawati region. This haveli was built in 1880. This haveli represents latticework and architectural styles.

Lake-Palace-UdaipurLake Palace, Udaipur: - Lake palace is originally known as Jagniwas. Now this palace is converted into a heritage hotel. This palace was built between 1743 and 1743 on an island of Lake Pichola. Walls of this fort is built of black and white marble.

Lalgarh-Palace-and-Museum-BikanerLalgarh Palace & Museum, Bikaner: - This majestic palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh. This whole palace was built in red sandstone in 1902. The design of this palace is conceptualized by Sir Swinton Jacob.

Laxmi-Niwas-Palace-BikanerLaxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner: - Laxmi Niwas Palace was the residence of the king of Bikaner, Maharaja Ganga Singh. This palace was built between 1898 and 1902 by British architecture Sir Samual Swinton Jacob.

Man-Mahal-PushkarMan Mahal, Pushkar: - Man Mahal is one of the greatest palaces of Pushkar. It is built as a guest house of Raja Man Singh I. Man Mahal is one of the main tourist attractions of Pushkar.

Mandir-Palace-JaisalmerMandir Palace, Jaisalmer: - Each floor of this palace has an intricately carved balcony. This palace is one of the main tourist attractions of Jaisalmer.

Monsoon-Palace-UdaipurMonsoon Palace, Udaipur: - This palace is situated just outside of Udaipur. This palace was built on top of the Bansdara hills and built in the 19th century. This palace is used as a Monsoon palace and hunting lodge.

Moti-Dongri-AlwarMoti Doongri, Alwar: - Moti Doongri of Alwar was built in 1882. Till 1928, this palace is the residence of the royal family of Alwar. After that, the Maharaja Jai Singh decided to reconstruct the old palace and later built a more magnificent on in its place in 1928.

Moti-Mahal-JodhpurMoti Mahal, Jodhpur: - Moti Mahal is a pearl hall of royal families, where they held their audience. This hall is known for its glass windows and five nooks which is used to enable the queens to listen to the proceeding taking place in the Sringar Chowki.

Nagari-ChittorgarhNagari, Chittorgarh: - Nagari is a village which is situated in Chittorgarh o the river Berach. It is known as Majhikika or Madhyamika. This is found in 443 BC in Barli near Ajmer.

Nathmal-Ji-Ki-Haveli-JaisalmerNathmal Ji Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer: - This Haveli is built by two architect brothers in the 19th century. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.

Patwon-Ki-Haveli-JaisalmerPatwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer: - Patwon ki Haveli is largest and most elaborately carved Havelis in Jaisalmer. This haveli lost some of its glory but till now it looks amazing.

Phool-Mahal-JodhpurPhool Mahal, Jodhpur: - Phool Mahal or Flower Hall is one of the most exorbitant of the halls in the palace. It is a pleasure dome of the Maharajas. Gold is used for constructing the Mahal from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Raj-Mandir-BanswaraRaj Mandir, Banswara: - Raj Mandir is also known as City Palace which was built in the 16th century. This palace is situated on top of a hill. This palace is built in old Rajput architecture style, and till now this palace belongs to a royal family.

Rampuria-Haveli-BikanerRampuria Haveli, Bikaner: - Rampuria haveli is one of the most popular havelies of Bikaner which is built of red stone. Red stone is used in all aspects of havelies like as in jharokhas, entrance, latticed windows, divankhanas, ghumarias, etc.

Rana-Kumbha-Palace-ChittorgarhRana Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh: - It is one of the most massive monuments in the fort of Chittor. It is believed to have underground cellars where Rani Padmini and other women committed Jauhar.

Rani-Padmini-Palace-ChittorgarhRani Padmini Palace, Chittorgarh: - This palace plays an important role in the history of Rajput. This palace is built on the banks of a lotus pool and a pavilion, which provides the privacy for the women of the royal family.

Ranisar-Padmasar-JodhpurRanisar Padmasar, Jodhpur: - This palace is situated near Fateh Pole in Mehrangarh. Ranisar and Padmasar are lakes, which was built in 1459. From that ranisar lake is constructed on orders of Queen Jasmade Hadi Rao Jodha's wife and Padmasar lake was built on the order of Queen Padmini.

Ratan-Singh-Palace-ChittorgarhRatan Singh Palace, Chittorgarh: - It is a winter palace of the royal family which overlooks a small lake. This palace attracts lots of visitors every year in Chittorgarh.

Salim-Singh-Ji-Ki-Haveli-JaisalmerSalim Singh Ji Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer: - This haveli was built in the 18th century and half of it is occupied by original residents.

Sardar-Samand-Lake-and-Palace-JodhpurSardar Samand Lake & Palace, Jodhpur: - This palace is built on the banks of Sardar Samand Lake and constructed by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1933. It is a hunting lodge of the royal family. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Jodhpur.

Sheesh-Mahal-JodhpurSheesh Mahal, Jodhpur: - This palace is situated on the compound of Mehrangarh Fort. It is a glass palace of Jodhpur which is formally known as Sheesh Mahal.

Sisodia-Rani-Palace-and-Garden-JaipurSisodia Rani Palace & Garden, Jaipur: - Sisodia rani palace is situated in Jaipur. This palace is built in the Mughal style and printed the legends of Radha and Krishna. Sisodia Rani Garden has fountains and watercourses and a painted pavilions.

Sukh-Mahal-BundiSukh Mahal, Bundi: - Sukh Mahal is a small palace which is treated as the summer palace of past ruler. It is one of the main tourist attractions of Bundi.

Sunehri-Kothi-TonkSunehri Kothi, Tonk: - Sunehri Kothi is also known as Golden Mansion, which was built in the 19th century. It is one of the main tourist attraction of Tonk.

Sunehri-Kothi-SawaimadhopurSunehri Kothi, Sawaimadhopur: - Sunehri Kothi of Sawaimadhopur was built in 1824 by Nawab Ameer Khan and after it is renovated by Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan. The exterior of this mansion is designed by Gold.

Udai-Bilas-Palace-DungarpurUdai Bilas Palace, Dungarpur: - The name of this palace is coming after the name of Maharawal Udai Singh II. This palace was built in classic Rajput architecture and also detailed design in its balconies, arches, and windows.

Udaipur-City-Palace-UdaipurUdaipur City Palace, Udaipur: - Udaipur City Palace towers over Lake Pichola. Balconies, cupolas, and towers of this palace give a perfect view of the lake and the city. Inside that palace, there are four minor palaces are exist.

Umaid-Bhawan-Palace-JodhpurUmaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur: - Umaid Bhawan palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1929. This palace is also known as Chittar Palace because this palace is constructed with the use of Chittar hill. So by that, they are thankful for Chittar hill.