Lohri Festival Celebration, About Lohri Tradition, Rituals


Lohri Festival Celebration, About Lohri Tradition, Rituals

Lohri is a festival celebrated mainly in the Punjab & nearby regions of India & Pakistan; it is celebrated mainly by Sikhs & Hindus of the region. Lohri commemorates the end of winter season & welcoming of summers; as Indian subcontinent has the culture based on agriculture most of the festivals are celebrated based on the crop time of year & Lohri is no exception here. Lohri also celebrate the Rabi crop, mainly sugarcane is cropped at this time which is a major crop in Punjab region.


About Lohri Tradition & Rituals - Unlike other Hindu festivals Lohri is celebrated according to solar calendar; hence date of Lohri falls on the same date i.e. 13th January every year. Lohri is also celebrated to welcome the longer days & change in the position of the Sun to northern hemisphere. A large bon fire is lit & people dances while rounding the holy fire; Lohri is a very live festival, a lot of music, zeal, energy & emotions are involved in Lohri. Traditional dance performances like Bhangra & Gidda is an integral part of Lohri. Rounding around the holy fire by newly wedded couples is believed to be very auspicious & strengthen the love bond between husband & wife. Traditional sweets like Gazak, Rewari & Phirni are distributed between people; most of these sweets are prepared using sesame seeds & jaggery. Folk songs are sung during the celebrations; money & other items are collected from neighborhood days before Lohri by the boys of locality to celebrate Lohri. Families of newlyweds & new borns are expected to contribute generously in celebration.

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