Lakes In Rajasthan – Rajasthan City Day Tour

Lakes In Rajasthan

Rajasthan has a royal history which reflects from every corner of the state. The culture of Rajasthan is very different and colorful. There is some lake in Rajasthan which also describes the rich culture of the state. Some of the lakes are Anand Sagar Lake, Anasagar Lake, Balsamand Lake, Diablab Lake, Doodh Talai Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Gadisar Lake, Gaib Sagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Kailana Lake, Lake Foy Sagar, Lake Jait Sagar, Pushkar Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, etc.

Anand-Sagar-Lake-BanswaraAnand Sagar Lake, Banswara: - Anand Sagar Lake is an artificial lake which is known as Bai Talab was constructed by Lanchi Bai, The Rani of Maharaval Jagmal Singh. This lake is surrounded by holy trees which are known as Kalpa Vriksha which is popular for wishes of visitors.




Ana-Sagar-Lake-AjmerAnasagar Lake, Ajmer: - Anasagar is also an artificial lake which is built by Arnoraj Chauhan - the son of Ajaypal Chauhan in 1135 and 1150 AD. Arnoraj is also known as Anaji who gives its name. After many years, Mughal Emperor Jahangir added his touch to the lake by laying out the Daulat Bagh Gardens near the lake.




Balsamand-Lake-JodhpurBalsamand Lake, Jodhpur: - This lake is situated 5Km from Jodhpur on Jodhpur - Mandore road. This lake was built in 1159 AD. This lake is established for the reservoir to cater to Mandore.





Diablab-Lake-BanswaraDiablab Lake, Banswara: - Diablab Lake is a very popular destination to visit in Banswara. A major part of the lake itself is covered with lotus flowers. Banks of the Diablab lake means the summer residence of the former rulers.





Doodh-Talai-Lake-UdaipurDoodh Talai Lake, Udaipur: - Doodh Talai Lake is situated in Udaipur - The City of Lakes. It is one of the main tourist attraction in Udaipur. There is also a Doodh Talai Lake Garden, and the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park and the Manikya Lal Verma Garden is part of it.





Fateh-Sagar-Lake-UdaipurFateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur: - It is a very beautiful lake, which is surrounded by hills and woodlands, which is situated in the north of Lake Pichola. This is an artificial lake which is connected to Lake Pichola by a canal. This lake a beautiful Nehru Island.





Godisar-Lake-JaisalmerGodisar Lake, Jaisalmer: - Godisar lake was built in 14th century by Maharawal Gadsi Singh for water need of his arid lands. Lots of small temples and shrines are constructed around it and transforming into a pilgrimage center.





Gaib-Sagar-Lake-DungarpurGaib Sagar Lake, Dungarpur: - This lake is popular for the shrine of Shrinathji which is situated on its bank. This shrine contains lots of carved temples and one core temple, the Vijay Rajrajeshwar Temple. The main point of attraction at that place is Lord Shiva temple, where you see skilled craftsmanship.




Jaisamand-Lake-UdaipurJaisamand Lake, Udaipur: - This lake is second largest man-made sweet water in Asia. It is a very popular weekend spot for locals. This lake is constructed to halt the waters of Ruparel River.





Kaylana-Lake-JodhpurKailana Lake, Jodhpur: - Kailana Lake is situated on Jaisalmer road. It is a small artificial lake which is an ideal picnic spot. It is one of the main tourist attraction in Jodhpur. Boating facility is also available in this lake by RTDC.





Lake-Foy-Sagar-AjmerLake Foy Sagar, Ajmer: - It is also a beautiful lake of Rajasthan, which is situated in Ajmer. This lake is built by an English engineer, Mr. Foy in 1892 AD. From here you take a beautiful view of Aravali range.





Lake-Jait-Sagar-BundiLake Jait Sagar, Bundi: - Lake Jait Sagar is situated near Taragarh Fort in Bundi. This lake is surrounded by hills and covered with lotus flowers during winter and monsoon.





Lake-Kanak-Sagar-BundiLake Kanak Sagar, Bundi: - Lake Kanak Sagar is situated about 67 kilometers from Bundi. There is also a town, whose name comes from the name of this lake. This lake is also a spot for some migratory birds like as goose and Damolle cranes.





Lake-Nawal-Sagar-BundiLake Nawal Sagar, Bundi: - Lake Nawal Sagar is also an artificial lake, which is the main tourist attraction in Bundi. This lake is also seen from Taragarh Fort. There is also a half-submerged temple, which is dedicated to Lord Varun Dev. This lake attracts lots of visitors every year because here you can see the reflection of nearby palaces and forts in its water.




Lake-Pichola-UdaipurLake Pichola, Udaipur: - The name of Lake Pichola is coming after the name of Picholi, which is a name of a village. The islands of Jagniwas and Jagmandir is housed in this lake. This lake is a very popular tourist attraction in Udaipur.





Pushkar-Lake-PushkarPushkar Lake, Pushkar: - According to Hindu scriptures, Pushkar lake is known as "Tirtha Raj". means the king of all pilgrimage sites. No pilgrimage is considered to be complete without a dip in the holy Pushkar Lake.





Silliserh-Lake-AlwarSilliserh Lake, Alwar: - A hunting chalet was built by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1845 for his Queen Shila. This lake is situated in Alwar district of Rajasthan state. This lake is nestled forested hills and boasts of magnificent cenotaphs on its bank.





Talab-E-Shahi-DholpurTalab E Shahi, Dholpur: - Talan E Shahi is situated about 27 km from Dholpur and 5 Km from Bari. This lake and palace were built by Prince Shah Jahan in 1617 AD as a shooting lodge.





Udai-Sagar-Lake-UdaipurUdai Sagar Lake, Udaipur: - Udai Sagar lake is one of the five striking lakes situated in Udaipur. The construction of this lake was started by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559.