Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Rajasthan India

khatu shyam Ji mandir Rajasthan India

Khatu Shaym Temple - History, Story, How to reach, Photos, Live darshan. Rent a car with us to visit Khatu shyam ji mandir - Rajasthan City Day Tour.

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Rajasthan India.

Khatu Shyam ji Temple is considered as the most sacred temple dedicated to Barbarik who has been worshipped as Lord Krishna because of a boon was given to him by Lord Krishna himself. Khatu Shyam JI Temple is located in Khatu village of Sikar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Khatu is located a distance of 80 km from state capital city of Jaipur & 46 km from district headquarter of Sikar; it is very well connected to Jaipur & Sikar via roads & railway, the nearest railway station is Ringus Railway station which is 18 km from Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. 

Khatu shyam story - The history of this temple is linked to Mahabharata era which is believed to be was some 5000 years ago; according Mahabharata at the time of great war of Mahabharata Barbarik son of Ghatotkach & grandson of Bheem (One of the mighty Pandavas) decided to participate in war from Pandavas side but because some misunderstanding he was all set to fight against his grandfather, but on the intervention of Lord Krishna he got to know the real situation that he has been tricked. He asked for help from Lord Krishna to get him out of the situation as he had taken the vow to demolish the Pandava’s army with help of his 3supernatural arrows; to sort out the problem Lord Krishna came out with idea of sacrificing Barbrik’s life in order to assure the win of dharma; showcasing the heroic charisma Barbarik chopped off his head by himself hence got a boon from Lord Krishna that he will be worshipped in Kaliyug carrying his name. The boon stated that anyone bowing in front of Barbrik will get blessings of Lord Krishna & he will assure the blessings to the devotees of Barbrik same as to the devotees of his own.

Khatu shyam mandir history - The modern history of Khatu Shyam Ji temple starts from 1027, it is believed that Roop Singh Chauhan (Ruler of Khatu) built this temple when his wife Narmada Kanwar saw a dream about the burial of idol. After finding the idol of Shyam Baba, a grand temple was built & a pond was constructed at the site from the idol was recovered.

Khatu shyam ji mandir time table - Every day thousands of devotees reach Khatu Shyam Ji temple, this number increases to many folds on the 11th day of the bright half-moon of the month as it is believed that Barbrik was born on this day. A yearly celebration is held in the month of Phalgun in Hindu calendar, this fair witnesses over 1 million devotees reaching Khatu Shaym Ji temple.

How to Reach and Distance

Khatu hyam near railway station: Rings is nearest railway station. Ringas to khatu shyam ji is 27 min (18.1 km) via MDR46.

Jaipur to khatu shyam distance: Jaipur to khatu shyam ji bus or by car It will take 1 h 40 min (80.6 km) via Jaipur Rd/Sikar Rd and NH52. Book a car with "Rajasthan City Day Tour".

khatu shyam Ji Photos / Images.

khatu shyam ji khatu, rajasthan

khatu shyam ji mandir

khatu shyam ji mandir khatu

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