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Jalore city is a district headquarters in the Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at a distance of 490 km from state capital city of Jaipur. Jalore is situated in the banks of Sukri River; in ancient times it was known as Jabalipura, Jalore is also known as Golden Mount. Jalore is believed to be a flourishing city in 8th-9th century, it was ruled by Gujara-Pratihara Rajput kings & then by Parmar kings in 10th century. Jalore has witnessed the heroic resistance of King Kanhadadev & his son Viramdev against attacks of Allauddin Khilji but eventually, Allauddin Khilji was able to capture Jalore in year 1311. Jalore is very well connected to major cities of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Jaipur & Udaipur via roads & railways. Nearest airport to Jalore are Jodhpur Airport & Udaipur Airport; both located at a distance of nearly 140 km from Jalore city center.

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Jalore Fort: Construction date of Jaore Fort is not known exactly but historians suggest that it was built between 8th & 10th century. The major construction work in this hilltop fort was done by Pratihara rulers. After a while Jalore Fort was captured by Alhana of Songara clan in year 1182. In year after facing stiff resistance from Kanhadadev in year 1131 Allauddin Khilji- Sultan of Delhi managed to take over control over Jalore Fort. This fort is perfect example of military intelligence of Rajputs; Jalore fort is safe behind the 1200 feet high fortification wall. Entry in Jalore Fort is only from one side; there are four entrance gates namely Suarj Pol, Chand Pol, Sire Pol & Dhruv Pol. A serpent ascent of 3 km is only path to reach this hilltop fort. Jalore fort is perfect example of military architectural intelligence of rulers of Jalore. Jalore Fort is famous for the mesmerizing views from top.

Bawan Jain Temple: Bawan Jain Temple of Jalore is very famous & sacred site of Jain community. Bawan Jain temple has 52 Jain temple complexes & a very beautiful garden. Each temple has its own significance & historical importance; the basic information about each temple complex is written on stone which is placed outside the each temle. Bawan Jain temple was built in 1936 by Shrimad Rajendra Surishwar; this beautiful temple was built using stones like white marble & black marble. Bawan Jain temple is located in Ahore which is situated at a distance of 20 km from Jalore city center.

Sire Temple: Sire Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva; Sire Temple has been built & maintained By Nath Sect of Hindus. A walk to this temple worthy of all efforts as the peace is found here in the lap of Mother Nature.

Sundha Mata Temple: Sundha Mata temple is a 900 years old temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda. It is located at a distance of 105 km district headquarter city of Jalore. Sundha Mata temple is a very sacred temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda; there are around 1000 steps to reach this temple, however option of rope way is also available. Sundha Mata temple has the first ropeway of Indian state of Rajasthan.

Things To Do In Jalore

The best things to do in Jalore include visits to sightseeing, enjoy the cultural evening, Shopping, eat delicious Rajasthani cuisine, Light and sound show, movie and much more.

Fairs And Festivals Of Jalore

Fair & Festival in Jalore plays a vital role. In Jalore, there are many festivals celebrated like Kite Festival, Teej Festival, Gangaur Fair, Dusshera, etc.

How To Reach Jalore

By Air

By Road

By Train

Best Time To Visit In Jalore

Best time to visit in Jalore is winter season. This time starts from starting of September and End of March.

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