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Jaipur Literature Festival speakers

Jaipur Literature Festival - JLF 2018 Speakers Schedule

Jaipur Literature Festival  2018 Speakers - Jaipur literature festival is organized in Jaipur city of the Indian state of Rajasthan; Jaipur literature festival is entitled to the best & richest literature festival of the world.  Jaipur literature festival often referred as JLF was started in the year 2005 with 18 guest writers & a small number of 100 visitors, in the year 2016 it has hosted around 250 writers, poets, philosophers, musicians, thinkers & artists from nearly all fields of art & whopping 60000 visitors attended this 5 days long festival. Next JLF is scheduled from 24th January to 29th January 2018 and Jaipur Book Mark Event is scheduled on 24th - 28th January of 2018. Next Jaipur Literature Festival is all set to celebrate freedom of expression with over 100,000 visitors & over 300 speakers from different fields.   

#NEWS: Registration start on official website visit https://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/registration  for Become a Delegate Jaipur Literature Festival - JLF 2018.

Know more about JLF  Speakers - Although the sky of Jaipur Literature Festival - JLF has many stars in it there are some stars which mark their presence very strongly. Some of these stars are:

o   Gulzaar- Gulzar doesn’t need any kind of introduction in the world of literature. He is the most celebrated author, poet, lyricist, and filmmaker in India. Gulzar is the pen name of Sampooran Singh Kalra, has a large number of masterpieces credit in his account. Because of his precious contribution to the society he has received the padambhushan award from Government of India.

o   Shashi Tharoor- Shahshi Tharoor is an Indian politician & former cabinet minister in Indian government. Apart from this, he is counted in India’s top intellectuals because of his vast knowledge in the field of history, politics & of course literature. He is a very renowned author of many books.

o   Tasleema Nasreen- Tasleema Nasreen is a writer & physician from Bangladesh, currently living in India after seeking exile here in 1994. Because of her rebellious novel Lajja, articles & thoughts she was characterized as “misogynistic” in her home country by Islamic extremists. After so many hurdles & challenge this brave woman has not changed her path of truth & struggle; today she is an iconic face in World & frontline flag bearer of freedom of speech across the globe.

o   Javed Akhtar- Javed Akhtar is a very famous author, storyteller, poet & film scriptwriter. He is world famous for his fantastic work in screenwriting; he has received Padamshree & Padambhushan

o  Prasoon Joshi- Prasoon Joshi is a well known name in literature world of India; he is well known writer, lyricist, poet, screenwriter & marketer. He is also chairman of CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) of India; making him an important person in the film industry. Prasoon Joshi has received Filmfare award thrice for his work in masterpiece movies like Taaare Zameen Par & Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, he also received National Film Award twice in 2007 & 2013; recognizing his valuable contribution in the field of literature & advertisement Government of India awarded him prestigious Padamshree award in the year of 2015.

o    Oprah Winfrey- Oprah Winfrey her name is sufficient to make her introduce to the world. She is a very well known anchor, television personality, talk show host & philanthropist hailing from Chicago, United States of America. She got her fame from a top ranked talk show named as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” this show is believed to be the highest rated show of its kind in television history. Oprah Winfrey is often referred as the Queen of All Media; she has been awarded by the Medal of Freedom by American president. She also made her entry as the most influential woman in the world.  

o    Shobha De- Shobha De is a renowned Indian novelist, author & columnist. Known for her frank & straight opinion on various social issues but she is best known for her depiction of social causes & sex in her novels & columns.

o    Sadhguru- Sadhguru also known as Jaggi Vasudev is a spiritual guru, writer, author, yogi, philosopher, motorcycle enthusiast & youth icon. His books like Inner Engineering, Adiyogi: The source of Yoga, Mystic’s Musing are very popular amongst youth across the globe. Because of his unmatched work in the field of spirituality & youth awakening, he has been awarded Padamvibhushan (second highest civilian award of Republic of India) by Government of India in the year 2017. He has spoken in various highly reputed organizations like World Economic Forum across the globe.

o    Alex Ross- Alex Ross is an American comic writer, he is famous for his artwork in his comics series. He has awarded several times for magnificent work in the field of art & literature.

o    Andrew Roberts- Andrew Roberts is a British historian & journalist, he is well known as a political analyst. His stand on historical events in Hitler era is well applauded among historians. He has also addressed at White House in United States of America. Andrew Roberts is an acclaimed author of several books & is a fellow of Royal Society of Literature.  

o    J. M. Coetzee- John Maxwell Coetzee is an African-Australian novelist, linguist, author & essayist. He is a noble laureate & identified as the most decorated living English author. He is the only person who has received very reputed booker prize twice in years 1983 & 1999. People often call him the living legend of English literature.

o    Orphan Pamuk- Orphan Pamuk is a Turkish novelist, author & academic. He has several books some which are very successful, his novels has been translated in 63 languages & over 13 million copies are sold. He has received numerous awards but the most prominent is Noble prize for literature in year 2006.

o    Vikram Seth- Vikram Seth is an Indian novelist, author & poet. He has received Padamshree award & many more prestigious awards.

o    Salman Rushdie- Salman Rushdie can be considered as the most controversial figure in the literature world. Facing the heat from Islamist Extremists for his controversial novel “The Satanic Verus” is a face of revolution & top notch flag bearer of rights for freedom of expression. He has received booker award for his novel “The MidnightChildren” in 1981. He is an elected fellow of prestigious Royal Society of Literature of United Kingdom & was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2007 for his precious work in the field of Literature.

These are just very few names from the ocean of JLF community; each speaker is considered as an ocean of knowledge, hence it is just impossible to get an idea of amount of knowledge, wisdom & enlightenment in Jaipur Literature Festival.

Jaipur BookMark Event: - Jaipur BookMark event is also organized in Diggi Palace of Jaipur and one of the greatest literary show on the Earth. It is scheduled on 24th to 29th January of 2018.  

For Book Shopping, Chaura Rasta is best local market in Jaipur.

Read more about JLF 2018 Speakers Schedule visit the official website: https://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/ .

Jaipur Literature Festival 2018 Schedule - 25 January to 29 January.

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