15 August – INDIA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY

India got It’s freedom on 15th August 1947 which ended the Colonial British rule. It was a hard fought struggle where the entire Indian citizens participated in their own small or big way. The businessman British who entered India on the pretext of opening their warehouse in several parts of India by getting the consent from Mughal Emperor but their intentions were not what they were portraying. Gradually their business and behaviour changed and they started meddling in the internal politics of feudal India by aligning themselves withthe native rulers. Their submission was that they wanted to help the Indian economic system and in a very short time they raised their army under the flag of The East India Company. They  started collecting the taxes from the Indian farmers on behalf of Nawab of Bengal which they extended throughout India.

Freedom From British Rule

The East India Company was controlled by the British India Company , paving the way of direct British government rule in India making it a dominion state. The Indians woke up to the fact that the business East India Company is now British Government rule and henceforth they started making efforts to pull off the yoke of slavery. Educated Indians started raising their voices against the British rule asking them to leave the country but there was not any uniformity in their actions. Freedom fighters like Deshbandhu Chirtanjandas, Dadabhai Naroji, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Gopal Krishna Gokhle, Lokmanya Tilak  were very vocal in demanding the self rule  where  Lokmanya Tilak came out with the motto “ Freedom is our birth right and we shall have it”. All these freedom fighters  were members of the Indian National Congress which provided a very effective platform for raising the demand of freedom.

Towards 1915 Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa in India to participate in the freedom struggle. His arrival and later his presence in the Congress gave direction and speed to the freedom movement. Under Gandhi’s leadership India became determined to throw away the British rule. Mahatma Gandhi for the first time used the theory of Non Violence Movement in India. The boycott of British goods, English education and English titles were very strong suggestions from Mahatma Gandhi which raised the Indian freedom demand authentically. He was well supported by Vinoba Bhave, Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru and Madan Mohan Malviya. The British Government decided to leave India and grated India it’s long awaited freedom on 15th  August 1947.

India’s Freedom Movement by Mahatma Gandhi Ji

Since that day every year the Prime Minister of India unfurls the Indian National flag from the historic Red Fort of Delhi and address the nation greeting them the Independence day wished and providing the vision document of future India.

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