Indian Railway – the Largest Railway Network in the World

Largest Railway Network in the World

India is an amazing world destination for many reasons. The diverse cultures, different religious beliefs, communication in various tongues and the natural beauty of this land are just some of the things that make it remarkable. It’s home to many interesting historical events that form an indispensable part of another nation’s history too. Thus, a visit to India is always for more than one reason. This visit cannot be complete without hopping in on an Indian train ride. If you dream to travel the country in its real glory, then using Indian Railways is an unbeatable choice.

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Before anything else, let’s understand a little bit more about Indian Railways. It is the largest railway network and one of the busiest in the world. Yes, it’s absolutely true. One can say so as it carries 16+ million passengers every day. Additionally, the railway also carries more than a million tonnes of local cargo. And who makes all of this possible? The great support for this comes from a whooping 1.6+ million employees employed on a permanent basis. An interesting comparison can be made against the Chinese Army which is the only entity that has more employees in terms of not only the size but the amount of work.

India Railway – IRCTC

According to IRCTC PNR Status, the railway was created in 1853, that’s almost a century earlier than the Indian independence. Post that the railway systems, based on a PNR Status enquiry were greater than 42. India, for very long, had faced limitations related to travel from one location to another. The railway in India has developed so much with time that it now serves both long distance networks as well as the shorter suburban networks. Here is a mind-blowing fact for you-The Indian railways operates more than 14,444 trains. Moreover, there are  39,263 coaches and also 7,739 locomotives. Now you can understand why it is one of the largest railway infrastructures in the world.

Indian Railways Enquiry

Did you know that the longest train ride in India starts from Jammu Tawi and ends in Kanyakumari? The train that runs on this long route is known as the HimSagar Express, and it covers an impressive distance of 4,751 km in a single ride. Though it a takes long 66 hours to complete the journey from the start to finish, it will not stop surprising you with good things. Train travel on this train route also makes you witness the single largest platform in the world that measures about 2,733 feet. And how can you get the above information? Just one PNR enquiry or train enquiry can reveal a number of unique facts about Indian Railways.

Not many people may about but before the year 1951, the railway lines in India were run independently of each other. Post that all railway lines were nationalized and earned the IRCTC PNR Status.

So, if anyone is on the look to visit any part of India, they can easily reach their destination if they travel via Indian Railway. Today, the aim of the railway corporation is making sure that they offer every Indian an affordable but quality travel wherever be their destination in the entire country.

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