Hemis Festival Celebration in Ladakh, Gompa Monastery 2018

Hemis festival 2018 celebration

Hemis festival 2018 - Hemis festival Celebration

Hemis festival is 2-day long scared dance festival celebrated in Hemis Monastery of Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Hemis festival is organized to celebrate the birthday of Ladakhi spiritual leader Padamsambhava; Padmasambhava is believed to be the founder of Tibet’s tantric Buddhism. 

When is hemis festival celebrated? Hemis festival is celebrated on the 10th day of the lunar month of Tse-Chu in Tibetan calendar; Hemis festival is celebrated in the premises of Hemis Monastery. The spiritual environment of Hemis Monastery helps in creating a mystically scared environment for the dance performance in Hemis festival.

Hemis festival 2018 dates Venue: Hemis Monastery. Start Date: 23rd June 2018 End Date: 24th June 2018.

Hemis festival wiki

Hemis gompa fair wikipedia

Hemis festival is popular not only among the local Ladakhi people but tourists also. Hemis festival is seen as the great opportunity to feel the positive vibes & tranquility of Tibetan Buddhism & Ladakh. A large number of people gather in the courtyard of Hemis monastery to observe the holy rituals of Gompa. Traditional musical instruments, costumes & sacred mask dance performance are the USP of Hemis festival. The whole set-up for the Hemis festival seems to be out of the world offerings are made to Padamsambhava; mask dance is performed around the holy pole in the middle of the courtyard in Hemis monastery. Holy presence of Lamas, beautiful Ladakh valley, traditionally dressed local men & women makes the whole scene unearthly & worth gazing at. The main take away for the tourist in Hemis festival is the glimpse of the authentic Ladakhi culture & definitely the peace concepts of Tibetan Buddhism.

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