Gudi Padwa Celebration 2018 – Information, Dates, History


Gudi Padva Celebration 2018

Gudi Padwa is Marathi festival celebrated on New Year eve in Hindu calendar; it is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month of Hindu calendar. Hindu New Year has celebrated across India but names & styles of celebration are different in every region.

How Gudi Padwa Is Celebrated In India

Gudi Padwa is usually celebrated by the Marathi people; mainly Gudi Padwa has significance in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Padwa word is derived from the Sanskrit word Pratipada which used for the first day of lunar cycle of every month.

Gudi Padwa witnesses a great celebration across Maharashtra, decorating households on Gudi Padwa using lamps & rangoli is a common practice in Marathi households. A bamboo is installed in front of every house; this bamboo is decorated using garlands, flowers, mango leaves, neem leaves & an upturned copper/silver vessel is placed on the top. This decorated bamboo is identified as the Gudi flag; this flag is used to welcome the New Year. As India is agriculture based country, the importance of Gudi Padwa increases many folds as it the time when farms of India witness the new crop & a pleasant change in climate also.


Gudi Padwa Celebration History

There are many reasons to celebrate this festival; some of them are listed below:

It is believed that Lord Brahma created the world on this day.
Coronation of Lord Ram as the King of Ayodhya was also taken place on this day.
After King Shalivahan defeated Huns, Shalivahan calendar was started on this day.
Win of Great Maratha Hindu warrior King Chatrapati Shiva Ji

Gudi Padwa Celebration 2018 Dates

Gudi Padwa is generally celebrated in the months of March & April of Georgian calendar. In 2018, Gudi Padva is celebrated on Sunday, 18th of March, 2018. 

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