Gangaur Festival Royal Celebration In Jaipur Rajasthan India – Dates


Gangaur is a very popular festival celebrated in many regions of Rajasthan; Gangaur is a festival which celebrated locally but it doesn’t make it a small affair. Gangaur is celebrated typically in the months March-April, it is a 16-day long celebration, however, majorly it celebrated by the women but on a concluding day, a royal procession is organized from the palace of King or Royal Family.

Gangaur is celebrated for 16 days long festivity during which women enjoys the celebration to the fullest; beautiful mud idols are established in the local households & dance performances on local songs & music are conducted.


Gangaur Festival Story

Gangaur is believed to a nature of Goddess Gauri often known as Goddess Parvati wife of Lord Shiva; it is believed that celebrating Gangaur on grand scale brings prosperity & increases love, compassion between couples. On Concluding day a royal procession is carried out where large idols of Ganguar & his husband Issar Ji are taken out for a ride around the city. Gangaur was also used as an event of showcasing wealth & power by the then Kings. In Jaipur, a whole regiment was called to escort the royal procession. In older times idol of Gangaur was identified as the main source of prosperity in the country hence, a trend of robbing the idol of Gangaur was ignited therefore royal procession of Gangaur was taken in utmost security.

Till today customary armed escort & gun salutes are given to Gangaur & Issar Ji; a large fair is organized on the auspicious eve of Gangaur. This Gangaur fair has been attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world over a long period of time; Gangaur fair is the best opportunity to experience the authentic culture & festivity of royal land Rajasthan.

Gangaur Festival Jaipur Dates

Gangaur 2018 is starting from Friday, 02nd Of March, 2018 and ends on Tuesday, 20th of March, 2018

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