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Dholpur city is the headquarter of Dholpur district region in the Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at a distance of 285 km from state capital city of Jaipur & 280 km from national capital city of Jaipur. Dholpur became the separate district in 182. Dholpur city was established by Raja Dholan Dev Tomar in 700 AD & certainly got the name Dholpur resembling the name of its founding father. Raja Dhawal Deo built a new town in 1050 AD; Dholpur fort was built by King Dharampal of Karauli in 1120 AD. Dholpur was also ruled by Mughal rulers but later it was taken aback by Rana Jat rulers.

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Dholpur Palace: Dholpur Palace is also known as Raj Niwas Palace; it was built in 1876 to welcome HRH Albert Edward. Dholpur Palace is the most iconic building after Red Fort in New Delhi which was built using the beautiful red sandstone of Dholpur. Presently Dholpur Palace is converted into a heritage hotel; Dholpur Palace is the best heritage hotel in the region. Beautiful building built using red sandstone is very eye catching & a nice experience to feel the beauty in simplicity. The love of royals for European ceramics can be explored here in Dholpur Palace. A lush green garden spread over 13 hectares of area is a great place to rejenuvate & feel the Rajasthani hospitality; company of peacocks in this garden is an extra top-up of guests staying in Raj Niwas Palace or Dholpur Palace. Dholpur Palace is located at a very lucrative central location in Dholpur city center; a large number of private unmetered taxi & public transport options are available to reach Dholpur Palace from part of Dholpur city.

Damoh Waterfall: Damoh waterfall is a very popular picnic spot of Dholpur district; it is located at a distance of 68 km from Dholpur city center. Damoh waterfall is a perfect weekend getaway location; 300 feet high waterfall surrounded by all the nature in Dang region is like a miracle in the dry state like Rajasthan.

Khanpur Mahal: Khanpur Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as the pleasure palace. Like other monuments in Dholpur Khanpur Mahal was also constructed using the red sandstone. There is a lake alongside this palace which is also very famous for its scenic beauty & known as Talab-e-Shahi. Both Khanpur Mahal & lake were constructed in 1617 AD. Kahanpur Mahal is located at a distance of 40 km from Dholpur city center.

Van Vihar Sanctuary: Van Vihar Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve spread over an area of nearly 60 km2; it was initially hunting grounds for the rulers of Dholpur. It was entitled as wildlife sanctuary in 1955 by Government of Rajasthan. Visitors can spot a rich wildlife in Van Vihar Sanctuary, animals like chital, sambhar, blue bull, sloth bear, fox, hyena, etc. Till 1960 Van Vihar Sanctuary had tigers also but wiped because of illegal hunting.

Shergarh Fort: Shergarh Fort is a very old fort in Dholpur; Shergarh Fort was built in mid 16th century in order to defend Dholpur from the Rajput warrior kings of Mewar. Shergarh Fort was named after Shaer Shah Suri- Mughal emperor of Delhi Sultanat. With the safety point of view, Shergarh fort was built in such a way that it was nicely protected by water. Ancient carvings of Hindu gods are another feather in the hat of Shergarh Fort.

Things To Do In Dholpur

The best things to do in dholpur include visits to sightseeing, cycling expedition, camel safari, enjoy the cultural evening, Shopping, eat delicious Rajasthani cuisine, Light and sound show, movie and much more.

Fairs And Festivals Of Dholpur

Fair & Festival in dholpur plays a vital role. In dholpur, there are many festivals celebrated like Kite Festival, Teej Festival, Gangaur Fair, Dusshera, etc.

How To Reach Dholpur

By Air

By Road

By Train

Best Time To Visit In Dholpur

Best time to visit in Dholpur is winter season. This time starts from starting of September and End of March.



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