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 Desert National Park Jaisalmer

Desert National Park Jaisalmer. Best time to visit, entrance fee, timings. To know about the National parks in Rajasthan, here is the list of the Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan.


Desert National Park Wiki

Desert National Park is situated in the Jaisalmer & Barmer district of Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at a distance of 650 Km from state capital city of Jaipur. It is the only desert wildlife park in India. Desert National Park is one of the largest national parks in India; spreading over 3160 km2 area. It is considered as heaven for migrating birds & a large number of species coexists in Desert National Park.

Desert National Park has the fossils which are around 180 million years old; Desert National Park also has the fossil of dinosaurs which found to be 6 million years old. These fossils can be seen at the Woods Fossil Park situated in the village Akal (located at a distance of 15 km from Jaisalmer city centre).
Desert National Park is home to birds like Short-toed eagles, spotted eagles, tawny eagles, falcons, kestrel, sand grouse, larks & shrikes. The most celebrated bird of this park is great Indian bustard which is endangered; Desert National Park is the only place where this magnificent bird is present in a fair number, however it migrates in different seasons. A large number of mammals & reptiles such as desert cat, chinkara, blackbuck, desert fox, Bengal fox, monitor lizard, Russell’s viper, saw-scaled viper & spiny-tailed lizard are found in Desert National Park.

Desert National Park is also called as “Ocean of Sand” because of it covers a large area of western Rajasthan which comprises the great Thar Desert. This national park is a fine example of an ecosystem. The main attractions of this park are Sam sand dunes, Gadsisar Lake, Wood Fossil Park, Pokran weapon museum & spotting Great Indian Bustard.


Desert National Park Map


Best Time To Visit In Desert National Park Jaisalmer: - The best time to visit Desert national park is from the month of October to month of March.

How To Reach Desert National Park: - Reaching Desert National Park is easy as the city of Jaisalmer is very well connected to all major parts of the country via train & road.

Desert National Park Entry Fees: - Visitors have to pay a nominal fee of INR 100 for entry, INR 100 for jeep & INR 200 for guide fees.

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