Best Travel Tips

Best Travel Tips

Best Tips and Hacks for Stress Free Travel & Holiday

When it comes on planning a trip it is not less than going on an adventure. While planning the trip one’s priority should be managing money and sticking to various appointments before thinking of enjoying the trip. Planning beforehand is quite necessary as it avoids unnecessary chaos at the last moment. In this content we will talk about some of the steps that you should consider while planning your trip so that your trip will be away from any mis-happening. You don’t have to do a lot of task, you only need to go through these steps:

Hacks for stress free travel

  • Pre book your seats– The first and the most important step for a stress free travel is to pre boom your seats for your flight. This step will save you from last minute hassle and will at least reduce any mismanagement during the journey and returning from the journey. Must ensure to keep good travel agent to book your flights, where you can trust Agoda Offers to make reliable booking across India and abroad.
  • Don’t over pack– This is the best time saving hack for everyone in every situation. One should avoid packing a lot of clothes. When there are a lot of clothes in your bag it leads to confusion that what to wear resulting in consumption of a lot of time. To avoid last minute confusion make sure to carry only those clothes which are needed most and shortlist them from your wardrobe. Know more about Tourist attractions of Rajasthan.
  • Mark your baggage as Fragile– To avoid any unnecessary consumption of time at the airport during the checking process make sure to make it most fragile. It means that you should avoid keeping any such material in bag which is prone to any damage.
  • Keep separate record of your documents in E-mail– It is very common that your stuff might get stolen, so to avoid that arguments with the checkers at the airport to prove yourself who you are you must keep a copy of your driving license, passport or any other item that has your registration number on it.
  • Notify bank and credit card Company about travel– Sometimes it happens that the banks don’t get memo and they don’t allow the transaction. So in such a case you are advised to also carry some cash with you to at least fulfil your requirement for first 48 hours.
  • To exchange money use ATMs and credit cards– Do not waste your time in locating the exchange bills of the currency. Make use of local ATMs to use the local currency of that particular country. But make sure that sometimes for transacting with ATM it may add up international transaction fees so carry with you a travel friendly card.
  • Carry some quick dry clothes– If you don’t want to spend your money on expensive laundry services then you should carry such items that can easily be dried up. Carry clothes that you can wash at night and when you wake up the next morning each inch of the cloth is dried up without spending money.
  • Put electric items in one bag– If you want to avoid finding your chargers, cameras, iPods from a big bag then you can pack up all your electric items in a old toiletry bag. It will also save your time when you need item and will also save your gargets from any damage.
  • Take some plastic bags– It will save you most of time. When you are in urgent need to go out and some of your clothes have not dried up yet. You can cover up the clothes with plastic bags and keep it in your luggage and your tension is over.
  • Set settings of google maps to work offline– It is a very common problem that you are not available with internet in abroad countries so to avoid last minute confusion put a map of the place where you want to go and type “OK maps”, this will save your map for offline use.
  • Carry a first aid kit– It will save you from any kinds of minor accidents. Make sure to carry some aspirins, cotton balls, Tylenol, band- aids, small anti- bacterial tube and some eno to avoid acidity. This DIY first aid kid will save you from any inconvenience during your trip.
  • Learn some common phrases– It will be easy for you to communicate with the locals of the country if you know their basic language. If you know any foreign language a little bit then it will be easy for you to locate things there.
  • Instead of pre booking grab cap from departure– Pre booking cab requires charges too, so if you want to save your money its better that you’re directly hire a cab from the departure zone. You can take cab by some of best ride hailing apps including choosing available Uber Coupons to get best ride across India and abroad.

We hope that these few points will help you in saving your money as well as time and will avoid last minute hassles.

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